Fruit Holder is the answer to a modern day question: How can I properly display fruit? I wanted to create a sculpture that looks totally form with no function, but has very real purpose. The pillows are designed to showcase the fruit and is made of table cloth to further connect this sculpture to a food friendly object. Alone, Fruit Holder, is a complete piece but it would rather serve its purpose. Fruit Holder is made of steel, cloth, and walnut.

IMG_8002 IMG_8011 IMG_8019



My Inside is a self portrait concerning my Crohn’s disease. With this sculpture, I wish to convey an organic tension that illustrates pain and uneasiness. My Inside is made of pine, stainless steel, and walnut. (2011)


Wooden Bracelet

Wooden Bracelet was created in reaction to a cultural idea of valuable objects. The materials that make up this piece are relativity cheap in value especially the “showcase” material, wood. The wood was taken from a healthy large tree that was removed for neighborhood beautification.

My new jewelry concept :

I have been thinking about man’s lust for precious materials for some time now and I was finally motivated to explore this after seeing a documentary about emeralds. In this documentary there is a story about the largest emerald ever found. This main story plot was grossly over shadowed with the about of death and genocide associated with collecting this precious gem.  Another concept the documentary showed was that of premeditated assumption of value. The gem brokers all agreed; Emeralds are valuable because of their rarity. If rarity is the case why is not my artwork, or any other one off object or experience people produce, priceless. There are more emeralds in people’s possession than my art, therefore my art is more valuable than emeralds. (2012)

Wood Bracelet

Turtle Box

Turtle Box is simply a Christmas present for my Aunt. It is also a bi product of my recent Found Art piece along with inspiration from another cell sectioned sculpture I created. Turtle Box is made from sheet steel, Microfiber, and acrylic paint. (2012)

turtle box

turtle box open

Candy Brooch top

Candy Brooch is an ever evolving abstract take on an object that is traditional to Jewelry.  I created this in my metal smiting during undergrad. The project was to involve layers and rivet assemblage. I too it a step further and involved more mixed media. The choice of materials represent my undergraduate art education influences. The Acrylic represents my experience under Winston Tite (UNCC), the jewelry assemblage and concept is Doug Harling, and the Candy represents my first 3D teacher: Dan Dezarn. (2004)

Candy brooch

Candy Brooch Detail


Inner Ugly is a found object assemblage piece. This work is a new exploration into an art form that I have not used since early art school.  Through the art show; Found, I was pushed to used a forgotten technique. Although using found objects started as more of an obligation, it quickly grew in to a wondrous journey of self artistry and affirmed many of my learned skills. Once Inner Ugly was completed I began to understand why found art is used in early academic art. Found object art makes the artist find the form, composition, and in many ways the concept rather than create those elements of the artwork. Conversely, I am able to use the same concept development and process execution that I would for a traditional art piece. (2012)

inner ugly, mixed media   $275


This show is the 4th cooperative art show brought to you by Culture Initiative.
316 Remount Rd., Charlotte, North Carolina 28203

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